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“What to Expect with Minneapolis Garage Construction”

Minneapolis Garage Construction is a licensed building contractor in the state of Minnesota. Our carpenters take special pride in our construction in that each garage we build is customized to fit your specific needs with respect to your property and personal tastes. Permits are required on every project and sometimes a survey is needed to secure a permit.

Our garage building schedule is approximately 21 days from start to completion. Most of our projects begin with the teardown of an existing garage, tear-out of the concrete slab, and pouring a new floating slab with regulation footings to support your new structure.

Our basic garage consists of a Keystone style footing with double 5/8 rebar steel reinforcement poured with the 4-5″ concrete slab. A moisture resistant bottom plate of 2″x 4″ green treated wood (to resist moisture between the concrete and construction lumber) is then fastened to the concrete slab with anchor bolts.

Our walls are then constructed with 2″x 4″ stud grade lumber 16″ on center. 1/2″ wood-based sheathing board is used to construct the walls which are then fastened to the studs for the side walls. We use galvanized (rust resistant), ring shank (keeps nails from loosing there grip over time) nails in our construction.

Our trusses, which provide the support for the roof, are engineered to the specifications of your project. We set these and then nail sheathing to complete the roof and gable ends.

If your garage is located within 5′ of a property line, 5/8 sheetrock on both sides of a neighboring wall is required as a fire barrier. This is Minnesota state code.

Roofing and siding your garage are the next steps. We’ll match your home’s shingle color as close as possible or to your choice. While most customers choose vinyl siding others are available: composite sidings, LP® SmartSide® wood siding, cement siding, stucco, etc. are also available.

Standard two car openings are 7′ high by 16′ wide. We use a 12″ x 18′ header or lamenated beams to ensure that your garage door opening does not sag over the years and cause problems with your opening. We can custom fit any size door to your specifications should you have the need.

Our garage doors can be customized to include windows, locks, and an array of colors. We guarantee the door for life and include a one year warranty on parts and labor and five years on the springs. Door openers will be installed at the time of garage door installations if needed.

Electrical work is the final step and requires a separate permit. It can be done either by the home owner or a licensed electrician.

We do not build garage kits! All of our lumber is hand picked with respect to straightness and environmentally friendly products from environmentally responsible companies.

Fantastic work. Had some issues with scheduling and a no show with the demo crew, but Joe fixed the problem immediately and took extra steps to ensure a wonderful garage was built. Great concrete crew, great framing crew, and great electrician. Thanks Joe! Would recommend Mpls Garage to everyone!
- Bill Meinholz

Fantastic work. Had some issues with scheduling and a no show with the demo crew, but Joe fixed the problem immediately and took extra steps to ensure a wonderful garage was built. Great concrete crew, great framing crew, and great electrician. Thanks Joe! Would recommend Mpls Garage to everyone!
- Bill Meinholz

I started out interviewing 3 companies and Minneapolis Garage was the easiest to work with and had the best price. Joe Slavec was always punctual and responded quickly to any questions we had. One of the big differences for us was that it seemed like the other companies would only sell a "standard" garage kit and build it the way that they wanted. Joe was willing to work with us and as a result we got a semi-custom design that matched our house better and allowed us to get more features that we wanted. We decided to hire Minneapolis Garage Builders and they did a great job and paid special attention to the details that we wanted. It was a great experience for us and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a good garage builder. We had the garage built in the summer of 2015 and now a year later it still looks great and has been a great change to our property. It was an A+ experience for us, Joe and Minneapolis Garage Builders were great to work with. Description of work: We demolished an old 1 car south Minneapolis garage that was falling apart and replaced with a new 2 stall 24x24 garage with an upper storage loft
- James Howarth

Joe, Travis and Richard with their seasoned crew followed through from quote to final inspection and were easily accessible whenever questions arose. I have recommended them to neighbors who have taken tours of the 30 x 22 structure. They as well as myself are very pleased with the addition to our neighborhood. Every dollar spent has increased the value of my property accordingly!
- bill wildauer

This was the first building my wife and I had ever done. Needless to say, Joe and his guys put up with a lot of questions, emails and phone calls. They always answered our questions as well as informed or educated us on the building process. We are very happy with our new garage! I will also add that the contractors building an adjacent retail store as well as the St. Louis Park inspector that inspected it made unsolicited comments on how solid the garage was built. Thank you Joe! Description of work: Demolished an old single car garage and built a 24'x24' with overhead storage.
- Derek Farsund

We hired Minneapolis Garage Builders to construct a 22'x22' In South Mpls We needed help deciding on the exact size and placement of the garage in our yard- it was very helpful to have a professional who knew the setback information and a company that has built so many of our neighbors garages We were also very impressed with the overall process and each and every person involved in the process It took about 4 weeks start to finish - they came highly recommended and for good reason. They do great work !
- Quinn McKush

Everyone, I met that represent MPLS Garage was top shelf. Joe was very easy to work with, Travis also. Every person that helped build my garage obviously enjoy what they do. Top shelf all the way. The building inspector passed the rough in job first time.
- Mark Purdy

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